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Photos of the Route

Big Challenge
This doesn't look that evil in the picture but this area of the course is a big challenge. People will be going really hard through this section, some will survive it and some won't. It's one of those sections where if you went through this riding on your own, you'd do it at half the pace at which the race will go through. Perspective is looking backward - racers would be riding toward the camera in this shot. Note the generally rolling terrain.

One Lane Bridge Sign
This will be a lot of people's favorite section. Again, the perspective is looking backward. Make a hard right over the little bridge that you can barely see in the back left and then hit it hard through these rollers. The church is not very far (maybe a mile?) behind the camera in this shot.

River Runs Through It
It's too bad that most riders will be seeing stars for most of the race. The course is in a very beautiful area.


First Climb
This is part of the first climb. This is one of those climbs where you are pretty sure it's going to crest and you see what you think is going to be the top and then "AW *%&%" it's not the top.

Bridge for Spectators
This will be an awesome spot for spectating. For those of you who've been to the Barn, a lot of Jay's preferred loops wind up with you making a left and going over this bridge. The race will approach the bridge from below and make a right.

Throw Up In Your Mouth a Little
You'll be hurting here (title of picture is "Throw Up In Your Mouth a Little").


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