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This collection comprises a small group of documents, mostly relating to the Junior World Championships. Obtained from Barbara Stevens, wife of Stevens, Peter. 2011-02-08
  • Junior World Championship folder containing press releases, written by Daniel Edelman, Inc.
    • "East Germany picked to repeat in Junior World Bicycling Championships"
    • "History of Bicycling in the U.S.
    • "Bicycle Equipment important for racing success"
    • "Bicycle Racing--Terms and definitions"
    • Junior World Championship map for road race and team time trial
    • "United States to host Junior world bicycle racing championships for the first time"
    • "Bicycle Trivia"
    • "Bike racers endure heavy training for the Junior World Championships"
    • "Junior worlds provide valuable experience for 1980 olympic competitors"
  • Junior World Championship folder containing
    • 4-page memoir from Stevens, Peter on promoting the Junior World Championships. May have appeared in the club newsletter
    • various phone message logs about promoting the event
    • an agreement that the Navy Band will play the national anthems
    • Handwritten letter to NCVC complaining about poor press coverage of the National Capital Open by Venlo Wolfensohn in the Washington Post
    • copies of letters from Barbara Stevens to Velo-news rebutting Venlo Wolfensohn's letter to Velo-news.
  • cardboard "National Capital Open OFFICIAL"
  • 1983-04-10 Tour of America brochure Washington to Fredericksburg
  • Junior World Championship folder containing
    • tent and generator rental agreements
    • Team Time trial results "Communique de Jury No. 59 for countries. Notable names
      • Olaf Ludwig, Moreno Argentin, Erich Machler,
      • US Team: Jeff Bradley, Greg Demgen, Ron Kiefel, Greg Lemond
    • team time trial start list and times
    • 1979 USCF communiques regarding suspensions and appeals
    • Junior world championship committee
    • various phone logs relating to the race
    • letter from Lenz, Paul to USCF: Technical report on Rock Creek course
    • letters relating to housing and transportation of riders
    • thank-you letters to Potomac Pedalers for volunteering, from Stevens, Peter
    • rental agreements for flags and projectors
    • Invoice from Sibley Hospital for x-rays for Venezuelan rider.
  • 1977 USCF General Racing Rules Constitution and By-laws. 64 pages, 3" x 8"
  • "summer in the parks" illustration on heavy paper ~ 18 in x 18in with pack of cyclists. Each cyclist is named: Wagner, Milneri, Harper, Schwering, Cook, Brenner Dolezalek, Boots, Stevens, Chris, Fisher, Schiff, Laan, Petix, Space, Seegers. Bottom is listed "Capitol Velo Club" and "Rockville Cycle Club. Undated
  • 1977 April 17 National Capital Open poster 12 in x 18 in
  • 1978 April 16 National Capital Open poster 12 in x 18 in. The copies.

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