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Description: Four file folders of material obtained from Oliver, Bruce on 2011-02-20. Resorted by contents
  • 1986 National Capital Open
    • 1986 National Capital Open budget
    • Fact Sheet--about 15 pages on "National Capital Open" stationery. Press releases from The Bicycle Federation. Includes selected rider biographies for Rebecca Twigg, Inga Thompson, Carol Addy, Tom Shuler, Harvey Nitz, Davis Phinney, and local riders, Mike Pugh, Jim Montgomery, Rob Lea,
    • 1986 Promotion agreement between NCVC and The Bicycle Federation (unsigned)
    • Letter dated 1985-10-21 from Denise DeLeo, The Bicycle Federation/Pro Bike to Bruce Oliver on negotiations for The Bicycle Federation to promote the 1986 National Capital Open. Two copies, heavily annotated in red ink
    • Letter (1986-Feb-06) from William Wilkinson/Bicycle Federation to DC Mayor's special events task group
    • Letter (1986-Feb-18) from William Wilkinson/Bicycle Federation to Hechingers, seeking sponsorship
    • Letter (1986-May-14) from William Wilkinson/Bicycle Federation to Pinto, Mel thanking him for support
    • Other thank-you letters (1986-May-15) from William Wilkinson/Bicycle Federation to National Park Service, Gerald Teeuwen, Jack Wagner, Red Cross, Campagnolo USA, Macris Hendricks and Witmer, PA, Event Services, Black, Larry and Oliver, Bruce
    • Letter (1986-Dec-03) from William Wilkinson/Bicycle Federation to Pinto, Mel detailing need for greater sponsorship for the 1987 National Capital Open
    • Various handwritten notes, mostly undated
  • 1987 National Capital Open
    • Clippings, 1985 Washington Post coverage, 1987 Washington Times preview, 1982 Washingnton Post preview, 1987 Washington post summary and results.
    • prize lists. Most 1st place included frames or bikes
    • 1987 race permit carbonless form listing Oliver, Bruce as promoter
    • blank copy of National Park Service permit
    • Event announcement
    • National Capital Open press releases on letterhead, listing the address of the Bicycle Federation
    • Projected 1987 budget, hand=annotated over 1986 budget (2 copies)
    • 1987 budget. $22,000 total expense and income (about 8 copies)
    • 1987 press release on NCO--about 8 copies of two pages
    • 3/18/87 letter from Oliver, Bruce to Diane Holman
    • 3/17/87 letter from Oliver, Bruce to Angie Grabill on publicity budget
    • thank you letters from Oliver, Bruce to Fosters (flowers) and Chesapeake Bagel Bakery
    • large collection of handwritten notes on yellow legal paper, mostly undated
    • large collection of phone message slips and smaller notes
    • contact information for volunteers
    • ~30 pages of contact information for french businesses
    • photocopy of "Climbing and Descending" from Velo-news
  • Folder of letters relating to the sale of the National Capital Open to Proserv
    • 10/1/87 from Oliver, Bruce to NCVC with instructions for calling all club members to approve the sale, in liu of a meeting and a quorum
    • 10/13/87 Oliver, Bruce to Parker Lee, Proserv. Mentions 9/24/87 draft agreement
    • 11/17/87 ProServ to Carrick, Don with draft agreement (2 copies)
    • 12/30/87 ProServ to Carrick, Don with draft agreement (2 copies)
    • 1/4/88 ProServ to Oliver, Bruce  with agreement for signature
    • 3/8/88 ProServ to Gerald Teeuwen (cover letter and 1988 permit application ($25000 prize list), signed by Oliver, Bruce
    • 4/6/88 ProServ to Oliver, Bruce asking to defer second payment of sale until May, 1989
    • 5/20/88 Oliver, Bruce to Parker Lee, ProServ with new agreement for 4/6/88 letter
    • 6/1/88 Oliver, Bruce to Parker Lee, ProServ  (3 copies)
    • 6/20/88 Oliver, Bruce to Parker Lee, ProServ  (2 copies) with new payment agreement One copy is the original, signed copy of the agreement
    • 7/13/88 Parker Lee, ProServ to Oliver, Bruce returning signed agreement
  • Miscellaneous club documents
    • EIN from IRS undated
    • 1987 racing license cover letter
    • 1987 NCVC team reimbursement formula
    • R Ando price list for Jerseys signed by Michael Fraysse
    • 7/26/86 club membership list A-S only
    • 5/25/86 club membership list 126 members

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