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Leaver, Erik

Erik Leaver
Erik Leaver started running competitively at age 8, and picked up bicycle racing as a twelve-year-old New Jersey kid with Joe Saling and the Somerset Wheelmen.  After going to college on a cross-country scholarship and racing mountain bikes in New Mexico, he joined NCVC in 1999 in the way so many people have--he ran into someone on a ride who suggested NCVC as a club.
In addition to his road, cross, and mountain bike results, Erik served as an NCVC officer, and promoted many of the club events
At the Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross race in 2013, NCVC awarded him a life membership for his service to the club.
Some favorite NCVC memories
"At the second year of the Ed Sander Century (2002) I didn't get to ride. The logistics of getting the event planned kept me from riding. When the event was wrapped up, Jeff Chown asked if I wanted to go for a ride. It was incredibly peaceful way to wind down the day. Jeff was amazing to ask and ride with me. It was one of those golden afternoons on a bike you don't forget."
"One of my favorite road memories was the week after Ed Sander died, and we were out for the last race at Greenbelt. Ed rode those races with wild abandon, attacking often and often finishing OTB. After a parade lap. Nick Johnson and I kept up the tradition of continually attacking. We managed to keep our legs under us for the finish, where our teammate Clinton needed to win the sprint to take the series. Nick and I had enough juice to set the sprint up and see him win. It was an amazing day. "
(from a 2013 interview with EL)
Club Service
Pl Date    Name
1 6/17/2000 Quicksilver Criterium Cat 5
1 11/26/2005 Tacchino Ciclicross Men B
2 6/24/2001 Piney Orchard Grand Prix Cat 4/5
2 6/08/2002 Quicksilver Criterium Cat 4
2 8/10/2002 Children's Museum Criterium Cat 4/5
2 5/03/2003 Jefferson Cup Cat 3
2 5/20/2006 Mayors Main Street Classic Cat 3/4
3 4/28/2001 Tour de Warsaw Menokin Road Race Cat 5
3 6/10/2001 Tysons Corner Circuit Race Cat 4/5
3 5/22/2005 Mayor's Main St Classic Cat 3/4
3 11/12/2006 Highland Park Cyclocross Men B
4 9/23/2001 Turkey Day II Cat 4/5
4 3/23/2002 Artemis Bunny Hop Cat 4/5
4 10/11/2003 Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross Men C
4 11/20/2010 Howard County Double CX 35+ 3/4
5 8/19/2000 Montgomery County Criterium Cat 5
5 4/22/2001 Columbia Spring Classic Cat 5
5 5/26/2001 Race for Pulaski Cat 4/5
5 10/16/2004 Blue Diamond Cyclocross C
2 6/23/2012: 12hrs Cranky Monkey MTN (Duo, 40-49, Cat 2)
2 6/11/2011 Big Bear 2x12 MTN (Duo, Men Masters Sport)
2 8/24/2013 Battle at Burke Farm, MTN (Masters 35+, Cat 2)
3 5/5/2013 Iron Hill Challenge, MTN (Masters 40-49, Cat 2)
3 4/28/2013 Bike Line Spring XC MTN (Masters 40-49, Cat 2)
3 3/16/2013 Sugar Hill MTN (Masters 40+, Cat 2)
4 7/18/2010 Fair Hill Classic MTN (Vet 35-39, Cat 2)
4 6/26/2010 12hrs Cranky Monkey MTN (Trio, Master 105+, Cat 2)
5 4/25/2010 Greenbrier Challenge MTN (Master 35-39, Cat 2)

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