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Miscellaneous events

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Alexandria House Criterium

Date  1977-April-23
Promoter  unknown
Location   Alexandria House condominiums are located at 400 Madison St, Alexandria, VA
  • Cat 3/4, 20 mi;  Kevin Lee, NCVC
  • Veteran, 12 mi : Thomas Eastman, Chesapeake Wheelmen
  • Intermediate, 8 mi: John Clowes, CRCA
  • Novice, 2 miles


All-America 25 mile time trial national championships

Date: 1972-08-27
Promoter: John Harriman
Location Frederick, Md
  • Senior
    1. 1:03:35     Mike Gallagher
    2. 1:04:23     Joe Saling
    3. 1:04:58     Ken Snowden
  • Junior
    1. 1:04:33     Julio Rodriguez
    2. 1:07:25     Erik Dubbe
    3. 1:09:00     Lionel Space
  • Veteran
    1. 1:05:07     Bob Zelley
    2. 1:10:32     Barney Richardson
    3. 1:16:52     Ray Guest
  • Women
    1. 1:12:05     Miji Reoch
    2. 1:14:15     Donna Dobbs
    3. 1:23:22     Sarah Gallagher
  • Full Results

Notes and Sources

Culpeper Clean Air Race

Dates 1976, 1977-09-09
Promoters: unknown

  • 1976 A: Bobby Phillips, CRC, B: Joe Deaton, CRC, C Mark Nuckols TBA
  • 1977 Jr: Ron HInson TVS, Sr 3 Doug Bodish LWA, Sr 4 Jan Winterhalter BCBC, VEt Jerry Nugent NCVC

Notes and Sources

Georgetown Cycle Sport Open

Date 1979-April-29
Promoter unknown
Location IBM Series cours in Democracy Plaza, Georgetown
Results unknown
Notes and Sources 1979-April Newsletter

Mel Pinto Road Classic

Date 1976-Sept-12
Promoter unknown
Location Rock Creek Park
Results  Notes and Sources

The Great Mohawk Carpet Cycling Classic

Date: 1981-05-17
Promoter Peter Stevens?
Location Washington, DC, The Ellipse

NIH Cycling Classic

Date 1991-Oct-06
Promoter Ivan Baines
Location unknown (NIH campus?)
Results unavailable
Notes and Sources

Old Town Alexandria Criterium

Date 1976-11-14
Promoter Larry Black/Paul Lenz
Location Alexandria VA: King St, Royal St, Cameron St, Lee St, Queen St, Union St.

  • Sr 1/2 1. Ian Jackson NCVC
  • Sr 3/4 1. Kelley Taylor
  • Wom: 1. Margy Saunders
  • Int: 1. Hal Mattes

Notes and Sources 

Proteus Design Criterium

Date 1976-Jul-25
Promoter Alan Rashid
Location IBM course in Democracy Plaza, Bethesda
Results unavailable
Notes and sources

  • Advertised as a "Women's International Development Race"
  • Women raced with Senior Men, but had expense money paid
  • Velo-news 1976-06-25
  • Event announcement from Velo-news 1976-06-04

Triangle Trials Junior Race

Date 1982-May-16
Promoter  unknown
Location Prince William Forest Park, Woodbridge, VA
Results unavailable
Notes and Sources
  • advertised as a Junior World Championship selection race
  • Used same course as Turkey Run race
  • Event announcement from Velo-news 1982-April-09, p16

Virginia/DC State Time Trial Championships

Date: 1973-07-14
Promoter: Roy Morris
Location: Brentsville, Bristow, VA (near Manassas)
Results: see event announcement

Senior best time 1:05:52 Ford Calhoun (25 miles)

event announcement and results

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