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National Capital Open-chronology

Tracing the running of the National Capital Open and other races on the Ellipse is difficult before 1972, because there was no national cycling newspaper such as Velo-news. I have been unsuccessful at finding searchable on-line archives, other than the Washington Post,  of Washington, DC newspapers:  The Washington Daily News , Washington StarWashington Times-Herald  If an event before 1972 was not reported in the Post, it does not appear here.
The table below summarizes the dates and names of events run on the Ellipse, and the sources for that information
  • WP: Washington Post
  • WS: Washington Star
  • VN: Velo-news
  • VV: Velo Voice or other NCVC Newsletter
Date/Event  Summary and Sources

A photograph provided by John Teeuwen shows a race on the ellipse in 1902. On-line searches of the Star and the Post yielded no information on this event, however.



A number of NCO programs (1983, 1979) state that the 1921 National Championships were held on the ellipse. However, the Washington Post (1921-Oct-09) reports that the event was scheduled to take place on the "Potomac Park Speedway."

A column by Otto Eisele in the July 1949 issue of American Bicyclist and Motorcyclist about the reconstitution of the National Capitol Wheelmen as the Washington Cycle Club notes that the 1921 national championship was held on the Polo Field course.

National Capital Bicycle Sweepstakes
The men's race was shortened from 62.5 miles (100km) to 52 miles because of darkness. Winner Buster Logan won from a five-rider leading group.

Men: 52.5 miles in 3:06:40
  1. Buster Logan, Newark
  2. Charles Grill, Somerville, NJ
  3. Otto Sorbini, NY
  4. Paul Nixon, Palisades, NJ
  5. Charles Velo, Somerville, NJ
  6. Dan Esposito, Newark
  7. Bob Kennon, Washington
  8. Mario D'Alessandro, Philadelphia
  9. Joe Henry, NY
  10. Billy Cauffman, Washington
  11. Bits Horner, Washington
  12. Wilden Heinerd, Washington
  13. Cesar Percudini, NY
Women: 6 miles in 19:57.4
  1. Lois Albey, Belleville (NJ) Bicycle club
  2. Doris Kopsky, Bellevue, NJ
  3. Joan Ward, Toronto
  4. Jean Karp, Washington
  5. Frieda Sruchy Philadelphia
  6. Ell Brinkman, NY

Source WP 1935-11-25-p19
National Capital Bicycle Sweepstakes
Men: 15 miles in 48:40.4
  1. 10 pts Jackie Simes
  2. 6 pts Charles Vogel
  3. 6 pts Raymond Jones
Women: 2 miles in 7:07.6
  1. Lois Albey, Bellevue NJ
  2. Doris Kopsky, Bellevue, NJ
  3. Betty Sweeney, Washington DC
Juniors: 5 miles in 7:33:3 (clearly a misprint)
  1. Furman Kugler, Somerville, NJ
  2. LucianMusso NY
  3. Douglas Vanderyerk Harrington Pk NJ

Source: WP 1936-10-12-pX16
National Capital Bicycle Sweepstakes
1. Furman Kugler (mis-spelled Gugler)
Source: WP-1938-10-17-p14
National Capital Bicycle Sweepstakes
The news report has no information on the events of the race.
Men: 15 miles in 46:11.6
  1. Bill Cauffman, National Capital Wheelmen
  2. Furman Gugler (sic) @ 50s
  3. Otto Corbini @52s
Women: 3 miles in 12:43.4
  1. Doris Kopsky
Source: WP-1938-10-17-p15
Un-named event
No information on race
Men: 40 miles in 1:38:46
  1. John Chiselko, Sommerville (sic) NJ
  2. Tom O'Rourke, Detroit
  3. Ken Torsica NY
  4. Oliver Ward, Washington 
  5. Jim Lauf, Coast Guard
  6. Barny Vandermore, Md
  7. Art Lauf, Baltimore
  8. Rupert  Waltl, NY (corrected spelling from press report)
  9. Lon Lomerson, Sommerville (sic) NJ
  10. Leon Volterr NY
  11. Henry Subert, NY
  12. Bill Olson Detroit
Women 5 miles in 15:33
  1. Nancy Nieman, Detroit
  2. Ruth Sibley, Washington
  3. Kathryn Manwiller, Allentown
  4. Zay Phillips, Baltimore

Ruth Sibley was the treasurer of the National Capital Wheelmen

Source: WP-1954-09-06-p14
National Capitol Open
Francois Mertens (French Sporting club) lapped the field on the 43rd lap. He covered the first fifteen miles in 34:14.6

Men 30 miles in 1:10:48
  1. Francois Mertens, French Sporting Club, NY
  2. Kenneth Tasria
  3. Arthur Lauf, Hydes, Md
  4. Ken Bankey
  5. John Chiselko, Sommerville (sic) NJ
  6. Jerome Vaillencourt, Newark
  7. Rupert Waltl, NY (corrected spelling of name)
  8. Robert Swanbon Roslindale Ma
  9. Donald Norwood, Lynn Ma
  10. Peter Dalliessi NY
Women 3 miles in 7:49.5
  1. Ruth Sibley, Washington Cycle Club
  2. Zay Phillips, Baltimore
  3. Mickey Finch, NY
Juveniles 5 laps in 5:13.6
  1. Billy Zisa, New Milford, NJ
  2. Bryant Albey, Lincoln Pk, NJ
Midgets 2.5 miles in 3:31.09
  1. Michael Fraysse, Bogota, NJ
  2. Robert Binetti, Somerville, NJ
  3. Robert Phillips, Baltimore
source: WP-1955-08-08-p11
National Capital Open

No press coverage of the results of the event in WP

Photo of the race from the collection of Gerald Teeuwen

1956 NCO from Gerald Teeuwen
Gerald Teeuwen and Lawrence Herman helped organizer (source, e-mail 2011-02-08)

  • The July, 1962 Spokesman reports that the 1962 DC and Virginia championships were held on the Ellipse, when the Polo grounds course was not available.
  • the 1962-7-12 edition of the Washington Daily News showed a picture of Gray James and Willem Schiff (St Albans School bicycle club) in front the of the White house. The caption notes that the race will be the "District and Virginia championship races' and "The races, which will begin at noon, will be over distances of 5, 2, 1, and one half miles."
National Capital Open

At 25 miles Pierre Chares broke away, and was soon joined by William Halliday, who outsprinted him by a bike length for the win. Franco Potenzieri finished ahead of the field, and Pat DeCollibus won the field sprint. The senior race set the national 30 mile record. The Junior race ended in  a field sprint

Men 30 miles in 1:07:45.6 60 starters

  1. William Halliday, USAF Cycling
  2. Pierre Chares
  3. Franco Potenzieri
  4. Pat DeCollibus
  5. Francois Mertens
  6. Perry Metzler
  7. Rupert Waltl
  8. Allen Bell
  9. Doug Barrow
  10. Bob Fenn

Junior, 10 miles 26:05.0

  1. Jose Nin
  2. Bobby Phillips
  3. Oliver Martin, Jr
  4. John Chapman
  5. Joe Sager
  6. Mark Poore
  7. Smokey Wiggins
  8. Pete Senia, Jr.
  9. Richard Viscusl
  10. Tim Hough

1963 Podium

1963 Podium. L-R French ambassador, Jose Nin, William Halliday, wife of the ambassador.

Sources: WP-1963-06-25;  The Spokesmen v III # 5 July 1963

un-named event

No race report, but mentions "many outstanding riders from Maryland, Virginia and the District" and Bobby Phillips by name.
National Capital Open

No description of the race. A photograph of the finish shows Paul Zinc riding a derailleur bicycle outsprinting Gerry Pease on a fixed gear. The program lists 16 Intermediates, 54 Juniors, and 84 Seniors.

Notable starters (from 1964 program)

  • Juniors: Pete Senia, Dan Wagner, David Chauner
  • Senior: Allen Bell, Jackie Simes, Bobby Phillips, Oliver Martin, Perry Metzler, Rupert Waltl, Mike Fraysse, John Cox, Art Lauf, Joe Saling,


Men 30 miles in 1:10:35

  1. Paul Zinc, NY
  2. Gerry Pease, Washington DC
  3. Rupert Waltl, NY
Junior 10 miles
  1. David Sullivan, NY
Intermediate 5 miles
  1. Charles John, NY

Finish 1964 National Capital Open

Photo: Paul Zinc outsprints Gerry Pease. Photo courtesy Pinto, Mel

sources: WP-1964-06-22-pA22, 1964 Program

National Capital Open
No description of the race in the Washington Post, but American Cycling reports that Saling won by soloing the final six laps. Art Lauf finished 15th.
Senior 30 miles 1:08:03
  1. Joe Saling, Somerville, NJ
  2. Craig Currie
  3. Perry Metzler
  4. unknown
  5. J. Stager
  6. N Diaz
  7. A Briedenback
  8. Paul Zink
  9. Carl Leusenkamp
  10. Mike Fraysse
  1. Eric Von Gerbig, Haverford, Pa
  2. Alex Curty
  3. Frank Curty
  4. David Chauner
  5. J Pender
  6. G. Mason
  7. P. Rutledge
  8. C Patriccione
  9. A. Mazzilli
  10. R. Mazzilli
  1. Tullio Ferri, NY
  2. Arnold Briddle
  3. Pritchard Chessman
source: WP-1965-06-28-p1 and American Cycling August 1965 p22

The Spokesman reports 200 entries in the senior race. Sponsored by the Italian Embassy.

Senior 50 miles

  1. Kenneth Regan
  2. Mikk Hinnov
  3. Fred Lesnick
  4. Steve Arbetman
  5. Paul Evans
  6. Vince Morris
  7. Bob Phillips
  8. Francois Mertens
  9. Paul Zink
  10. Robert Yard

Junior 15 miles

  1. Chris Rose
  2. David Chauner
  3. Chris Meerman
  4. Eric Von Gerbig
  5. Peter Aaron
  6. Peter Sculthorne
  7. George Mason
  8. Peter Senia, Jr
  9. Dean Poi
  10. Doug Grosjean

Intermediate 5 miles

  1. Arnold Briddle
  2. Bruce Marcus
  3. Pritchard Chessman
  4. Frank Williams
  5. John Dunker
  6. Steve Adams
  7. Ted Osborne
  8. Jesus Portalatin
  9. Robert Nelson
  10. Oliver Barnes

source: The Spokesman September 1966


50-Mile (Winner's Time, 1:55:46)
1. John J. Aschen, Bronx, N. Y. (USI)
2. Oliver Martin, N.Y. (USI)
3. Bob Fisher, Little Neck, N. Y. (GBSC)
4. Rupert Waltl, Brooklyn, N.Y. (GBSC)
5. Bob Simpson, West Orange, N. J. (SW)
6. Nestor Gernay, Somerville, N.J. (SW)
7. Joe Stager, Indianapolis, Ind. (U.S.Army)
8. Kenneth Wyllie, Bronx, N.Y. (USI)
9. Rafali Balenza, N.Y. (CRCA)
10. Paul Zink, Jamaica, N.Y. (CRCA)
11. Arnie Uhrlass, Huntington Station,N. Y. (GBSC)
12. Nelson Diaz, N. Y. (CRCA)
13. Vince Morris, Hatboro, Pa. (CRCA)
14. Robert Levine, Bronx, N. Y. (CRC of A)
15. Kerry J. Moyer, Kellers Church, Pa. (CRC of A)
Old timers 5-Mile
(Winner's Time, 0:11:33.6)
1. Boots Ward, Takoma Park, Md., (NCCC)
2. Otto Major, Baltimore, Md., (Unattached)
3. John A. Vanderpoel, Arlington, Va. (McLean CC)
4. Alexander Bellan, Somerset, N.J.,(Lehigh Wheelmen Association)
5. Eddie Nichols, Brooklyn, N.Y. (GBSA)
6. John Phillips, Baltimore, Md. (CRC of A)
7. Paul Gimeli, Flushing, N.Y. (KCC)
8. Harry Leusenkamp, Rockville, Md. (RCC)
Intermediates 5-Mile
(Winner's Time, 0:13:14)
1. James Nestor, Flushing, N. Y. (KCC)
2. Jon Sentz, West Milford, N.J. (NJBC)
3. Arnis Zvejnieks, Brooklyn, N.Y. (LIWA)
4. Allan Wasserman, Irvington, N.J. (CRCof A)
5. Ed Novak, West Milford, N.J. (CRC of A)
15-Mile (Winner's Time, 0:36:06)
1. Mike Hiltner, Rockville, Md. (RCC)
2. Pete Senia, Jr., Brooklyn, N.Y. (KCC)
3. Carl Recine, Trenton, N.J. (CRC of A)
4. Chris Meerman, McLean, Va. (McLean CC)
5. Jacques Boisseau, Sunnyside, N.Y. (KCC)
6. Jose Perez, Newark, N.J. (NA)
7. Bruce Marcus, Flushing, N.Y. (CRCA)
8. John Malenchek, East Meadow, N.Y. (NA)
9. Manny Martinez, N. Y. (NJBC)
10. Charles Tidwell, Plainfield, N.J. (VCN)

source, The Spokesman, June 1967

National Capital Open
Senior 50 miles in 1:59:59.4
  1. Oliver Martin, Jr
  2. Arnie Uhrlass
  3. Joe Saling
Junior 20 miles in 45:30
  1. Chris Meerman, McLean, VA
  2. Charles Bielitz, Park Ridge, NJ
  3. Steve Dayton, Indianapolis
Intermediate 5 miles in 13:38
  1. Larry DeSerto, Flushing NY
  2. Paul Barbour, Columbus Oh
  3. Mark Rooney North Brunswick, NJ
"Old Timers" 5 miles in 12:10
  1. Otto Major, Baltimore
  2. Joe Tosi Sr. Warehouse Pt, Ct
  3. Bill Vetter Washington

Source: WP-1968-08-19

Bill Vetter was also an original member of the National Capital Wheelmen (L Herman interview, 2011-02-17),

The Spokesman, March 1968 calendar lists the race as scheduled for 6/23

National Capital Open

Held in conjunction with the NPS "Summer in the Parks" series and included a race between members of the House of representatives (Bob Mathias, R-CA, Peter Mccloskey (R-CA), Thomas Rees (D-CA), and David Pryor (D-Ar)

Washington Post reported that McCloskey won.

Planning document lists Simon Meerman as race director.

Notable names on the start list: Peter and Gerald Teeuwen, Bobby Phillips, Schwering, Mike Wagner, Danny, M Fraysse, Steve Woznick.

Senior Results

1. Bobby Philips


  • WP-1971-06-28-pD8 (from '71 event)
  • WP 1969-07-14 "A Groovy day for Cycling in the Park"
  • 1969 planning document on NPS letterhead
un-named event
The event took place, but was not identified as the NCO. Sponsored by "Washington Velo Club"
Source: WP-03-16-70-pB1
National Capital Open
Oliver Martin and Steve Woznick broke away with 20 laps of 80 to go. The two sprinted for the win alone. The two french amateurs that Mel Pinto brought, Patrick Metayer and Remi Smet, finished 6th and 15th.

Senior Men 50 miles in 1:53:26.8
  1. Oliver Martin
  2. Steve Woznick, US Army
  3. Bobby Phillips, CRCA
Veterans, 5 miles
  1. Pedro Walls, Chicago Lakeshore Wheelmen
Junior 15 miles
  1. Jesus Portalatin, Kissena
Intermediate 10 miles
  1. Paul Durdaller, Kissena

1971 NCO start line

Photograph of the start line of the 1971 National Capital Open. Front row L-R: unknown, Bob Fisher (NCVC) Henry Whitney, (NCVC) in the 1970 Junior National Champion, Bobby Phillips (National Champion jersey), Pinto, Mel (white suit).  Photo courtesy Pinto, Mel


  • Mel Pinto sponsored two French amateurs from a Gitane sponsored club for an east coast tour of races to promote his import business. He continued this tradition for the 1972 and 1973 editions as well.
  • Program lists a "Race Committee" of 12 people, six of whom are from NCVC, based on the 1971 membership list.
Sources: WP 1971-06-28-pD8 WP-1971-06-25-pD4

National Capital Open
Jean Zamo, Gitane, France, broke away with Bob Fisher (German Bike Club) and Francois Mertens (German Bike Club) with eight laps to go, but dropped both of them and finished alone. Joe Saling attacked the field on the last lap and held them off for 4th. Miji Reoch was 13th. Zamo took 7 of 8 primes. In 1972, Mel Pinto brought  three French amateurs to race in the US: Jean Zamo, Jean-Jacques Carnet, and Francis LeCorre. They rode a number of the National Prestige Classic races and won several of them
Results: Senior 50km in 1:06:31
  1. Jean Zamo, Gitane
  2. Bob Fisher, German Bicycle Sport Club
  3. Francois Mertens, German Bicycle Sport Club
  4. Joe Saling, Somerset Wheelmen
  5. John Dunker, Chesapeake Wheelmen
  6. John Cox, Chesapeake Wheelmen
  7. Francis Le Corre, Gitane
  8. Gerald Teeuwen
  9. Mike Fraysse NJBC
  10. James Fraser
  11. Roger Kingsbery, Sr LRR
  12. Bob Fisher, NCVC
  13. Mary Jane Reoch Penn Bicycle Club
Junior 30km in 43:50.7
  1. Nelson Saldana, Kissena
  2. John Eustice, PBC
  3. Tim Moloney, CRCA
  4. Erik Dubbe, NCVC
  5. Steven Visentini, GBCC
  6. John Axt, CRCA
  7. Ed Riedinger, SW
  8. Alfred Given, German Bicycle Sports Club
  9. Alan Kingsbery, LRR
  10. Luis Pina, GSC
Intermediate 15km in 23:05.9
  1. Joe Kaiser, NCVC
  2. Haig Kondayan RVBC
  3. Tim Givens, GBCC
  4. Todd Bachran, Chesapeake Wheelmen
  5. Mark Black, Unknown
Midget 5km in 8:52.7
  1. Tim Cooney Chesapeake Wheelmen
  2. Robert Zelly, CRCA
  3. Italo Bastianelli, NJBC
  4. Stella Bastianelli, NJBC
  5. Omar Saldana, Kissena
  6. Lisa Durdaller, Kissena
  7. Todd Koller, SW
  8. Chris Huber, NCVC
Veteran: 10 km i 14:19
  1. Robert Zelley CRCA
  2. Otto Major, Chesapeake Wheelmen
  3. Lloyd Rake, SW
  4. Charles Cook, NCVC
  5. Harry Leusenkamp, Chespeake Wheelmen
  • Zamo and Le Corre were two French amateurs who raced for French Gitane-sponsored clubs that Pinto, Mel brought. They raced a number of other east-coast events.
  • Washington Post article reports Bob Fisher, NCVC in 9th, but the results sheet in the NCO archive shows that it was corrected to Mike Fraysse later.
  • Gerald Teeuwen later became the ABLA and USCF District Representative for Virginia from the early 1970s until at least the late 1990s
  • John Eustice was one of the first Americans to race professionally in Europe, and still atively promotes bicycle races. See Sparta Cycling
  • Mary Jane Reoch, who was an associate NCVC member, was 1971 National Road Champion
Sources WP1972-06-26, VN-1972-06-26-p4
National Capital Open
The Washington Post reported that a crash with 29 laps remaining launched Woznick's win. From 25 laps to go, the lap time sheets indicate that only the top 4 finishers lead any lap.  Gerald Teeuwen protested the finish (on a business card) that Dunker and Fisher, who placed 9th and 10th place had sat on the leaders and should be disqualifed. The protest indicates that Fisher and Dunker were probably a lap down. Woznick won the last five primes (laps 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45).
Men: 50 km in 1:07:28
  1. Steve Woznick, NJBC
  2. John Chapman, GS Cortina
  3. Jean Marie Papore, Gitane
  4. William Milner, NCVC
  5. Chris Meerman, McLean
  6. Bob Phillips, CRCA
  7. Remy Faure, Gitane
  8. Michel Paire, Gitane
  9. Bob Fisher, NCVC
  10. John Dunker, Chesapeake Wheelmen


  1. Erik Dubbe, NCVC
  2. Joe Kaiser
  3. Charlie Frederickson
  4. Ward Horner
  5. Tom Schach
  6. Peter McIntyre


  1. Ed Slaughter, NCVC
  2. Joe Deaton
  3. David Jacknin


  1. Matt Dubbe


  1. Ellen Dorsey NCVC
  2. Barbara Miles NCVC


  1. Walt Wingo NCVC


Notes: For the third year, Mel Pinto sponsored three French amateurs, who competed for Gitane. Mary Jane Reoch and Donna Tobias raced the Men's race.
Sources: ArchiveNCOFiles WP-1973-06-25-pD3 ; 1973-July newsletter
National Capital Open
Woznick and Gellineau broke away with 30 laps to go and lapped nearly the entire field. In the women's race, Mary Jane Reoch finished two laps ahead of second place Eileen Brennan.
Senior 50km in 1:08:32
  1. Steve Woznick, NJBC/Paris Sport
  2. Pat Gellineau, Flushing
  3. Bob Phillips, CRCA/Raleigh
  4. William Cooney, NJBC/Paris Sport
  5. Doug Dale, CRCA/Raleigh
  6. James Fraser, CYBC-Witcom/Connecticut Yankee
  7. Joe Saling, Somerset Wheelmen
  8. John Grice, Chesapeake Wheelmen
  9. Bob Fisher, NCVC
  10. Duncan Stanley, German Bicycle Sports Club


  1. Erik Dubbe, NCVC
  2. Paul Durdaller Kissena/Zeus
  3. Stephan Dolezalek, NCVC
  4. Ron Koller, Somerset Wheelmen
  5. Howard Lukens, CRCA/Raleigh
  6. Edwin P. Slaughter NCVC
  7. Robert Kowal, Somerset Wheelmen
  8. Conrad Coblentz, German Bicycle Sports Club
  9. Joe Kaiser, Jr, NCVC
  10. Ken Ostrander Brittania CC


  1. Miji Reoch, PBC/Hill
  2. Eileen Brennan, Wolverine SC
  3. Donna Tobias, CRCA
  4. Carole Brennan, Wolverine SC
  5. Ellen Dorsey, NCVC
  6. Barbara Miles, NCVC
  7. Alexandra Gruss, Nomad-Bertin
  8. Judy Wood, NCVC
  9. Janet Glebe, CRCA/Raleigh
  10. Janet Young, PBC/Hill
  • The 1974 edition, which only had Sectional B.A.R status was sponsored by Miller beer.
  • The combined Sr 3/Vet race was marred by the crash and subsequent death after nine days in a coma, of David Wallace.
Sources: ArchiveNCOFiles, WP-1974-04-22, Cyclenews 1974-Jun-14-v4-n5 p 22
National Capital Open

No real description of the event exists in the Washington Post. The photgraph shows Woznick winning by about a bike length from Meerman, whose CRCA logo is clearly visible, and another rider.  The lap time sheets show a different leader on each of the final ten laps.
In the Women's race, the lap time sheet indicates that Reoch rode away on the 3rd of 25 laps.
The Junior race finished with some controversy, after the apparent winner, Austin Erlich, was disqualified for entering under another rider's name. First place went to Ed Slaughter, NCVC.

Senior Men 50km in 1:08:55.9
  1. Steve Woznick, NJBC
  2. Chris Meerman, CRCA
  3. Bobby Phillips, CRCA
  4. Jim Huetter CRCA
  5. Paul Lukas, PBC
  6. Andre Simard, Canada
  7. Ian Jackson, NCVC
  8. Richard Mohamed, CRCA
  9. Pat Gellineau, FCA
  10. Gary Smith, NCVC
Juniors 30km in 41:43.6 (*)
  1. Edwin Slaughter, NCVC
  2. Michael Walter, Kissena
  3. Charles Fredrickson, NCVC
  4. David Strum, ICA
  5. Howard Lukens, CRCA
  6. David Derascavage, Summit Cycling
  7. Ned Carey, NCVC
  8. Bruce Donaghy, PBC
  9. Jay Higham Chesapeake Wheelmen
Women 25km in 38:27.1 (24.24 mph)
  1. Mary Jane Reoch, PBC
  2. Barbara Hintzen, Wolverine Sports
  3. Eileen Brennan, Wolverine Sports
  4. Ellen Dorsey, NCVC
  5. Judy Wood, NCVC
  6. Barbara Miles, NCVC
  7. Margy Saunders, Unattached
  8. Carole Brennan, Wolverine Sports
  9. Barbara Amburgey, GSFSC
  10. Joanne Jack, PBC
  11. Sharon Groves, STBC

VeloNews 1975-05-16 v4 n4 lists a different finish order for the Juniors:

  1. Edwin Slaughter, NCVC
  2. Michael Walter, Kissena
  3. Howard Lukens, Century-Raliegh
  4. Charles Fredrickson, NCVC
  5. David Strum, ICA
  6. Jonathan Cooper, FCA
  7. Alan Kowal, SW Schwinn East
  8. Robert Kowal, SW-Schwinn East
  9. David Derascavage, Summit Cycling
  10. (tie) Ned Carey, NCVC  / Bruce Donaghy, PBC



Source: WP-1975-04-21-pD3 ArchiveNCOFiles

  • Link to video of the Junior race
National Capital Open

Ian Jackson, Paul Pearson, Joe Saunders, Lionel Space (all NCVC) and Tom Margevicious escaped twenty laps into the race, on a very windy day. They lapped the field with fifteen laps of 53 left, and then went on through. The time, 1:11:7.14 was a national 50km record.
In the Junior race, Jim Bradford took three of four primes, but finished sixth.
In the Women's race, Mary Jane Reoch (Penn Bicycle) got away after a crash took down a third of the field, and went on to finish more than a minute ahead.
Senior 1/2 50km in 1:11:7.14
  1. Ian Jackson, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  2. Lionel Space, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  3. Joe Saunders, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  4. Tom Margevicious, Penn Bicycle/Hill
  5. Paul Pearson, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  6. Nelson Saldana, Paris Sport @ 1:47
  7. Charles Frederickson, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  8. John Chapman, Paris Sport
  9. David Garfield, Penn Bicycle/Hill
  10. Steve Lassahn, Chesapeake Wheelmen
Women 23.5km in 0:37:16
  1. Mary Jane Reoch, Penn Bicycle Club/Hill Cycle
  2. Leslie Moore, Flushing
  3. Carole Moore, No-Mad/Bertin
  4. Karen Strohmeier, Genesee Valley/Madac
  5. Megs Corson, Harrisburg BC/Busheys
  6. Barbara Miles, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  7. Judy Wood, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  8. Marie Morris, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
Junior: 28km in 0:40:36
  1. Peter Strohmeier, Genesee Valley/Madac
  2. Mike Walter, Kissena/Zeus
  3. Ed Slaughter, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  4. Jeff Murdock, CRCA/Raleigh
  5. Dave Hollander, Flushing
  6. Jim Bradford, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  7. Alan Kowal,
  8. Bruce McFarland, NCVC//Georgetown Cycle Sport
  9. Bay Barbehenn, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  10. Randy Moore
National Capital Open
With 13 laps to go, Tom Schuler (Wolverine/Schwinn) and Tim Reilly (New Hampshire) got away and built up a12 second lead, but they were caught with three laps to go.  The race finished in a 30-rider field sprint
In the women's race, Mary Jane Reoch countered a prime sprint on the third lap by Eileen Brennan and rode away from the field
Men 50km in 1:08:57.37
  1. Jocelyn Lovell, Canada
  2. Bobby Phillips, CRCA
  3. Jim Bradford, NCVC/Georgetown
  4. Nelson Saldana, NJBC
  5. John Simonson, ICA
  6. Hugh Walton, Canada
  7. Mark Hetzer, Unattached
  8. JoeSaunders Cat Eye
  9. Tom Schuler, Wolverine
  10. Earl Nisja, Cleveland Wheelmen
Women 25km in 39:04.41
  1. Mary Jane Reoch, PBC/Hill
  2. Karen Strong, Canada
  3. Eileen Brennan, Unattached
  4. Renee Walls, SW
  5. Karen Strohmeier, Genesee Valley
  6. Ellen Dorsey, NCVC/Georgetown
  7. Carole Moore, Nomad
  8. Marie Morris, NCVC/Georgetown
  9. Laurie Bolard, Chesapeake Wheelmen
  10. Karen Miller, NCVC/Georgetown
  1. Michael Walter, Kissena
  2. Bruce Donaghy, PBC/Hill
  3. Tim O'Brien,CRCA
  4. Adam Deutsch, Somerset Wheelmen
  5. John O'Brien, CRCA
  6. Tom Chew, Allegheny Cycling
  7. Chris Cressy, NCVC/Georgetown
  8. Jonathan Cooper, Chesapeake Wheelmen
  9. Jeff Rutter
  10. not awarded
  • Gerald Teeuwen was the announcer
  • Barbara Miles was the promoter
  • New 50km record for me
  • New 25km record for women
National Capital Open

As preparation for the 1978 Junior World Championships, the event was held on the same Rock Creek Park course.

In the Senior race, a second lap crash took out about 25 riders. On the third lap, Wayne Stetina attacked with Mark Frise and built up a 30 second lead. Greg Demgen, Ian Jones, and Tom Schuler bridged up after a two-lap chase. The group of five built up a 90 second lead, which was still 1:07 at the bell. Stetina attacked, but only succeeded dropping his teammate Frise. At the finish, the four stalled until Jones lead it out. Stetina took the spring by inches from Schuler. Behind them, Joel Stetina bridged from the field, which finished only 20 seconds behind the leaders.

In the women's race, Karen Strong attacked on the first lap, and only Miji Reoch and Leslie Moore went with her

Senior Men 122km in 3:07:39, 143 starters, 10 laps

  1. Wayne Stetina, Indy USA/Cool Gear/Exxon
  2. Tom Schuler Wolverine/Schwinn
  3. Greg Demgen Skunk River/Kretschmer/Micheals (junior)
  4. Ian Jones Citius/Austro-Daimler
  5. Dale Stetina, Indy USA/Cool Gear/Exxon
  6. Douglas Stillman, TIC @ 0:06
  7. Joe Deaton, CRCA/Raleigh @ 0:19
  8. Michael Bruhn, Connecticut Yankee/Dawes
  9. Ronnie Hinson, TCH/New Horizons/Charlotte Motor Speedway
  10. Barney Baxter, Citius Austro-Daimler

Women 37km in 1:00:59.71 30 starters

  1. Karen Strong, Nick's Cycle Shop
  2. Mary Jane Reoch, PBC/Hill/Peugeot @1:01
  3. Elizabeth Davis, NJBC/Paris Sport @ 3:14
  4. Kathleen Craig, James River/Schwinn
  5. Leslie Moore NJBC/Paris Sport @ 4:00
  6. Laurie Bolard, Chesapeake Wheelmen
  7. Megs Corson, Harrisburg BC
  8. Carole Moore, No-Mads @ 4:23
  9. Ellen Dorsey, NCVC/Georgetown/Canetti
  10. Holly Edwards, Lehigh Wheelmen/Pizza Hut


  • Held in Rock Creek Park (map)
  • Notable participants: John Eustice, Paul Curley, Chris Carmichael, Alan Kingsberry, Cary Bland, Tom Kellogg, Davis Phinney,


National Capital Open

Nitz won the Senior race by about ten lengths

Senior Men, 50km in 1:11:22

  1. Leonard Nitz
  2. Paul Pearson, MRC/Cycles Alpine
  3. Tom Schuler, Keystone/AMF
  4. Patrick Gellineau, GBSC/Windsor
  5. Claude Langlois, Marinoni
  6. Art Schuster, Savannah/Puch
  7. Steve Pyle, GBSC/Windsor
  8. Dave Kellogg, Three Rivers BC
  9. Ed Slaughter, MRC/Cycles Alpine
  10. Jim Johnson, Savannah/Puch

Juniors 30 km in 45:10.89

  1. Jeff Rutter, Penn Bicycle Club/Peugeot
  2. Matt Eaton, Somerset Wheelmen/Schwinn
  3. John Patterson, Savannah/Puch
  4. Michael Rosenhaus, Watchung Wheelmen
  5. Craig Parker, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  6. Conrad Hellwege, Drexel Hill Blue River
  7. John Butler, Lehigh Wheelmen
  8. Fred Sheffield, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  9. Hal Mattes, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  10. Dan Chew, Somerset Wheelmen

Women, 25km in 41:32.28

  1. Betsy Davis, NJBC/Paris Sport
  2. Mary Jane Reoch, Penn Bicycle/Peugeot
  3. Leslie Moore, NJBC/Paris Sport
  4. Kim Decker, Mainline/Bill Glas
  5. Laurie Wigell, AMF
  6. Holly Edwards, Lehigh Wheelmen/Pizza Hut
  7. Megs Corson, HBC Pedal Pushers/Nishiki
  8. Mary Pelz, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  9. Kathy Craig, NJBC/Paris Sport
  10. Mary Viv Lawson, Sacramento Bicycle Club


  • No coverage in Velo-news
National Capital Open

In the senior race, only one breakaway of about ten laps made any progress. Although it contained Ian Jones, Paul Pearson, Steve Pyle, David Ware and future professioanls Hugh Walton and Jeff Pierce, Donaghy commented "I was a little concerned about the breakaway. ... but the quality of them wasn't the greatest.

The women's race was run as a points race.

Velonews reported that Junior Winner (actually an intermediate) Bobby Livingston was in his first race ever. Brenda Atkinson was reported to be the British sprint and pursuit champion.

Senior Men 50km in 1:06:54

  1. Bruce Donaghy, Panasonic Shimano
  2. Barney Baxter, Citius/Austro-Daimler
  3. Paul Pearson, MRC/Cycles Alpine
  4. Ian Jackson, MRC/Cycles Alpine
  5. Hugh Walton, Canadian National Team
  6. Don Delochamps, Canadian National Team
  7. Don Hodgson, Canadian National Team
  8. Ian Jones, Citius Austro-Daimler
  9. Jeff Pierce, Wolverine/Schwinn
  10. Bobby Phillips, CRCA/Raleigh

Senior Women

  1. Betsy Davis, NJBC 32 pts
  2. Brenda Atkinson, NJBC 22 pts
  3. Barbara Hintzen, Keystone/AMF 20 pts
  4. Betsy King, NJBC, 20 pts
  5. Mary Jane Reoch, Penn Bicycle
  6. Betty Brandemarte Lehigh Wheelmen
  7. Terry Shellhammer ABC
  8. Heidi Bidwell, Wolverine/Schwinn
  9. Kim Decker Mainline
  10. Jolanta Goral,

Junior 30km in 42:02.96

  1. Bobby Livingston, EPCT
  2. Andrew Villadd, CCA
  3. George Sheffield, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  4. Robert Lackey
  5. Fred Sheffield, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  6. Patrick Dement, NCVC/Georgetown Cycle Sport
  7. Richard Ruoff, Bicycle World
  8. Robert Brown
  9. Andy Fellenz, GBS/Windsor
  10. Ron Barr, Team Fairmount

Category 3: 25 km in 35:39

  1. Dave Wiend, Gotham Ross
  2. Lloyd Tabb, CRCA/Raleigh
  3. Ron Whitenack, James River Velo Sport
  4. Penn Glazier, Conestoga Valley Road Club
  5. Dave Winterhalter, BCBC
  6. Jim Innes, Mainline
  7. Scott Hicks
  8. Pierce Verleur, BCBC
  9. Glenn Lewis, Quaker City Wheelmen
  10. Tom Fortune


  • the time set a new 50km national record
  • Source:Washington Post 4/14/1980. No coverage located in Velo-news
  • Senior club affiliations from Velo-news 1980-May-9
  • Velo-news lists JOhn McGillen, JRVS in 3rd place Category 3
  • Livingston went on to ride the TT at the 1988 Olympics for the US
National Capital Open

The Senior race came down to a field sprint, with the obligatory crash at 400m. Velo-news reported 200 starters. In the Veteran's race Mike Fraysse was described as "looking somewhat large for his NJBC/Paris Sport Jersey." Eric Heiden, 7-11, started the event, but was caught behind the crash.

Senior 1/2 50 km in 1:05:38

  1. Bruce Donaghy, Panasonic/Shimano
  2. Leonard Nitz, GS Mengoni
  3. Brent Emery, Gitane/Master-Loc
  4. Chris Meerman, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  5. Ron Hayman, 7-Eleven/Schwinn
  6. Bobby Phillips, CRCA/Miyata
  7. John Simonson, CRCA/Miyata
  8. Terry Hammond, Team Express
  9. Ian Jackson, Panasonic/Shimano
  10. Murray Wilmerding, CRCA

Junior 30km 42:26.35

  1. David Holbrook, Lakefield Patio
  2. Mike Grotz, CRCA/Miyata
  3. Bobby Livingston, East Pt
  4. Bryan Leiphart, Team Central NJ
  5. James Foley, Atlanta RC
  6. Maro Pati, Citius/Austro Daimler
  7. Steve Purcell, Gotham/Ross
  8. Jim Kidd, Gotham/Ross
  9. John Mc Allister, New Orleans BC/Betat
  10. Al Vallotton, New Orleans BC/Betat

Women 25km Points Race

  1. Karen Strong, AMF/St. Catherine's, 50 pts
  2. Betsy Davis, NJBC/ParisSport 32 pts
  3. Jolanta Goral, 17 pts
  4. Leslie Moore-Nitz, NJBC/Paris Sport, 12 pts
  5. Deobra Melton, NJBC Paris Sport, 9 pts
  6. Carol Vanier, Team Quebec, 8 pts
  7. Mary Pelz, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot 7 pts
  8. Betty Brandemarte, Lehigh Wheelmen, 6 pts
  9. Ellen Larsen 6 pts
  10. Sue Schaugg, Wolverine/Schwinn 4 pts

Senior Category 3; 25 km Points Race

  1. Fred Kelley , NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  2. Dave Winterhalter, Berks Co
  3. Craig Klinke, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  4. Doug D'Alivisio, Bike Tech
  5. Bob Brown, PBC/Peugeort
  6. Randy Parker, Varolina VC
  7. Penn Glazier, Conestoga Valley RC
  8. Tom Cochran, Boston Area RC
  9. Bill Thompson, Main Line/South St.
  10. Robert Brugna, Brooklyn

Veteran (35+), 25km in 38:08.2

  1. Jim Montgomery, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  2. Rob Lea, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  3. Mike Fraysse, NJBC/Pairs Sport
  4. Russell Kopf, Allegheny
  5. Andrew Wallace North Atlantic
  6. Pete Mallory, PBC/Peugeot
  7. Jerry Nugent, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  8. Bill WalterTone Cyclo Sports
  9. Larry Dieren Chesapeak Wheelmen/Mueller
  10. John Reoch, PBC/Peugeot


  • Chris Meerman is listed as NCVC
  • Velonews lists late start as NCVC assembled snow fencing and review stand


  • Velo-news 1981-05-08, p4
  • Velo-news 1981-06-12, p18
  • WP 1981-04-20, p d4


Race titled "Great Mohawk Carpet Cycling Classic" to benefit Easter Seals

In the Senior race, Ian Jackson, David Ware, Ed Slaughter (Cycles Alpine) and Jerry Fornes got away on the 17th lap. Tom Chew bridged with 18 to go. The five sprinted for the finish.

In the women's race Karen Strong got away alone on the 12th lap. NCVC's Mary Pelz won the field sprint for second.

Senior Men 50 km, 71 starters

  1. David Ware, Stowe Shimano
  2. Ian Jackson, Panasonic/Shimano
  3. Tom Chew, Allegheny Cycling
  4. Ed Slaughter, Cycles Alpine/Mavic
  5. Gerry Fornes, Wendy's/Wheelshop
  6. Chris Meerman, Cycles Alpine/Mavic
  7. Jim Montgomery, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  8. Bobby Phillips, CRCA/Miyata
  9. Gibby Hatton, Pro Racing Express
  10. Tom Moschetto NJBC/Paris Sport


  1. Karen Strong, AMF
  2. Mary Pelz, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  3. Betty Brandemarte, Lehigh Wheelmen
  4. Betsy Davis, NJBC/Paris Sport
  5. Cynthia Paul, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  6. Holly Edwards, Lehigh Wheelmn
  7. Nancy Merlo, Schownn
  8. Sophie Eaton, Somerset
  9. Maria Wisser, NJBC/Paris Sport
  10. Connie Parskevin, Wolverine Sports

Junior 25km

  1. Brian Leiphart, Central Jersey Cycle
  2. David Malick,  Central Jersey Cycle
  3. David Holbroke, Lakefield-Patio
  4. Troy Stetina, Indy-USA
  5. Greg Janone, CYC
  6. JIm Kidd, Gotham Cyclists
  7. Dave Lettieri, CYC Team
  8. Mike Grotz, CRCA/Miyata
  9. David Peterson, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  10. Paul Willebeck -Lemair, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot

Senior Category 3/4, 25km

  1. Robert Brown, Penn B.L./Peugeot
  2. Dave Eaton, Somerset/Schwinn
  3. Michael Kennedy, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  4. Steve Gerard, FSVS/Ottos/BMW
  5. Vincent Clark RPI Cy ccling
  6. Fred Kelley, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  7. David Edinberg, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  8. Ed Cottrell, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  9. Shawn Towne, James River VS
  10. Pete Regan, NEBC


  1. Douglas Morris, James River VS
  2. Brendon Clark, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  3. Will Federico, Somerset/Schwinn
  4. Bruce Dickson, Gotham Ross
  5. Jimmy Peterson, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  6. Dana Gyory, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot
  7. Melinda James, NCVC/Georgetown/Peugeot


  • No information in ArchiveNCOFiles about this event, but Stevens, Peter was the chief official and NCVC is thanked in the program.
  • Program and Velo-news entry list contact information as TAMAR Productions
  • WP 5/17 states that it was part of a four-race series: Virginia Beach, Washington, Richmond, and Baltimore to benefit Easter Seals.
  • Couldn't find an event announcement in Velo-news.


  • WP 1981-05-18 and program
  • Velo-news July 24, 1981 p 18, results
  • Cycling USA July 1981 "Ware takes a Magic Carpet Ride"
National Capital Open

In the senior race, Bauer broke away from a group of five, including Stieda and Nitz that had been away since 23 to go. He was caught with four to go, and then attacked again to win by a half lap.

Rebecca Twigg rode away from the Women's field after a restart following a lap 6 crash.

Rob Lea (NCVC/Georgetown) soloed away after taking a prime on the 18th of 25 laps. Bobby Phillips made it half way across the gap before fading

$2000/20 places; 50km in 1:07:09.57

  1. Steve Bauer, GS Mengoni
  2. Leonard Nitz, GS Mengoni
  3. Alex Stieda, 7-11
  4. Bruce Donaghy, Stowe-Shimano
  5. Chris Meerman Alpine Cyclists
  6. Alaric Gayfer, Shimano Team Brooklyn
  7. Klaus Meingast, Wolverine Schwinn
  8. Patrick Gellineau, Shimano, Team Brooklyn
  9. Ron Hayman, 7-11 (1st professional)
  10. Gibby Hatton, (2nd Professional)
  11. Thomas Chew, NCVC
  12. Daniel Therer, Lachine
  13. John Simonson, CRCA Miyata
  14. Robert Brugna, Shimano Team Brooklyn
  15. Bobby Livingston, East Point
  16. Mike Gratz, CRCA Miyata
  17. Murray Wilmerding, CRCA Miyata
  18. Eric Conrad, FSVS Two Wheeled
  19. Glenn Schneider
  20. Bob Shannon, Alpine Mavic (3rd pro)

Women 30km 20 places $800

  1. Rebecca Twigg, 7-11
  2. Sue Novara Reber GS Strada
  3. Betsy Davis, NJBC
  4. Karen Strong, St Catherines
  5. Jolanta Goral, NJBC
  6. Jacque Bradley, 7/11
  7. Jane Brennan, Wolverine Sports
  8. Nancy Merlo, Cycling Group/Fuji
  9. Cindy Ballard, East Pt Cycling Team
  10. Barb Nash, Stowe/Shimano
  11. Tracey Stiller Tallahasse Velo
  12. Allson Kellegher, NBJC
  13. Mary Pelz, NCVC
  14. Nancy Neely, Gotham Ross
  15. Kristin Fellenz, Gotham Ross
  16. Tracey Lea, Fuji Suntour Racing
  17. Lisa Lobodco, Speedway Wheelmen
  18. Sophie Eaton, Wolverine Schwinn
  19. Sue Schaugg, Wolverine Schwinn
  20. Linda Shutt, Century

Senior III 30km $700/15 places

  1. Michael Quinttus, CRCA Miyata
  2. Ed Cottrell, NCVC
  3. Boris Starosta, UVA
  4. Nils Dennis, CRCA Miyata
  5. Alec John Shadood, Kissena
  6. Todd Mountain, Team Harrisburg
  7. Derek Bartlett, Flint Bicycling Club
  8. Kenneth Rundell, Saratog Bicycle Club
  9. David Dykhouse, NJBC/Paris Sport
  10. Rives Bailey, James River Velo Sport
  11. Michael Kennedy, NCVC
  12. Alan Lyerly, Caroline Velo Club
  13. John Crawford, Classic City Bike Club
  14. Tuan Mattes, Whole Wheel Velo Club
  15. James Gibson, Columbia Wheelmen

30km $700/15 places

  1. David Malick, Central Jersey Cycling Team
  2. David Holbrook, Team Milwaukee
  3. Matt Willis, CRCA Miyata
  4. Jim Kidd, Gotham/Ross
  5. Jan Marcus Zalewsky, Somerset/Schwinn
  6. Steve Edgar, Gotham/Ross
  7. Paul Swinand, Summit CC
  8. Eric Koehn, VBP
  9. Brendan Sherman, Gotham/Ross
  10. Chris Peterson, Berks Co Bicycle Club
  11. John Pimblett, James River Velo Sport
  12. Karl Friesen, unattached
  13. Michael Pugh, NCVC
  14. Neil Cermier, FCC/Wurzburger/O'Neills
  15. David Underhill, Somerset Schwinn.


  1. Rob Lea, NCVC
  2. Jim Montgomery, NCVC
  3. Bobby Phillips,  CRCA Miyata
  4. Neil King, unattached
  5. Robert Perlee, NJBC/Paris Sport
  6. Earl Henry, Nutley BC
  7. John Hogan, unattached
  8. Peter Mallory, Peugeot/Hill Cycle
  9. Tom Watts, Bersk Co/DS Audi
  10. Frank C. Sproul, Carolina Cycles
  11. Dave Eaton, Somerset Schwinn
  12. Jerry Nugent, NCVC
  13. Bill Walter, Gotham Ross
  14. Gerald Teeuwen, James River Velo Sport
  15. John Hanst, unattached


  • Results: Archives
  • 1982-04-19 Washington Post p D1
  • VN 1982-05-14 p 1 (v11 #6)

National Capital Open

Senior ("unofficial 50km in 1:03:05)

  1. Bruce Donaghy
  2. Mark Whitehead
  3. Steve Bauer
  4. Chris Meerman


  1. Karen Strong-Hearth
  2. Pam Deem


  1. Matt Willis
  2. Bobby Livingston
  3. David Underhill


  1. Bobby Phillips
  2. Jim Montgomery, NCVC
  3. Jerry Nugent, NCVC

Source WP 1983-04-18 p D7

National Capital Open

Senior 1/2 50km

  1. Matt Easton, GS Mengoni
  2. Tom Chew, Bicicletta
  3. Paul Biskup, Levi's Raleigh
  4. Michael Rounds, G.S. Batavus
  5. Jeff Rutter, Giani Motta
  6. Mark Whitehead, Murray
  7. Steve Edgar, LCVCB
  8. Bruch Donaghy, Bicicletta
  9. Alaric Gayfer, Team Brooklyn
  10. Patrick Gellineau GCYC

Women 35km

  1. Elizabeth Davis, 7-Eleven
  2. Jolanda Goral, 7-Eleven
  3. Rebecca Daughton, Texas metros
  4. Carol Addy, SunTour
  5. Karen Strong-Hearth Fuji-SunTour
  6. Julie Haskell Batavus Intl
  7. Bonnie Zalewsky Fuji-SunTour
  8. Maria Wisser, NJBC
  9. Nancy Neely, Velo Tech
  10. Barbara Gradley CRCofA

Veteran 25km

  1. Bobby Phillips Hill Cycle
  2. Jim Montgomery Fuji-SunTour
  3. RW Laramee BWBC
  4. David Stevens, Broward Wheelmen
  5. Nestor Gernay, Savannah Wheelmen
  6. Clarence Ballard, Westchester Cycle
  7. Paul Didier, NCVC
  8. Frank Weston, Westchester
  9. Rboert Perlee NJBC-Paris Sport
  10. John Elgart, Quaker City Wheelmen

Junior 20km

  1. Peter Howard, GS Batavus
  2. John Pimblett, James River Velo
  3. Steve Kefer CJCT-Getty
  4. Paul Swinand, NCVC
  5. Aaron Frahm, Triad Wheelmen
  6. David Bonser, NJBC
  7. Ben Ellison Club Carolina Cycling
  8. Chris Keonig, Solo Sports
  9. Joe Wilson, NCVC
  10. Victor Klegman, College Park

Cat 3 20km

  1. Patrick Liu, Charm City
  2. Brad Boyer, NCVC
  3. Robert Brcken Pedal Power Velo
  4. Edward Polley, ATP
  5. Kim Buskirk, South Street BC
  6. Bryan Malessa Central Savannah
  7. Ian Darabie, Warriors
  8. Jeffrey Bender CRCA-Miyata
  9. Rick Reville RABA
  10. Ed Cottrell, Whole Wheel Velo

Source: Velo News May 11, 1984

National Capital Open

In the Senior race, an eight rider breakaway got away early, held a 15 second gap, but were caught on the last lap

In the women's race, Betsy DAvis and Elizabeth Larsen, got away with three laps to go, and finished 15 s ahead of the field
Senior Men

  1. Leonard Nitz, 7-Eleven
  2. Steve Edgar, Trexlertown Cycle Sport
  3. Tom Schuler, 7-Eleven
  4. Chris Meerman, Maryland Road Club/Batavus
  5. Chris Chong, San Jose BC
  6. Alaric Gayfer, Team Brooklyn
  7. Jeff Bradley, 7-Eleven
  8. Patrick Liu, Team Bianchi
  9. Ed Polley, College Park Bicycle Club
  10. Matt Willis, CRCA


  1. Betsy Davis, NJBC/Winning
  2. Elizabeth Larson, GS Batavus
  3. Betsy King, NJBC
  4. Mary Pelz, NCVC/Metropolis/Cortina
  5. Tracy Stiller, NCVC/Metropolis/Cortina
  6. Barbara Gradley, GS Park Ridge
  7. Carole Brennan, Off to the Races
  8. Linda Stevens, Savannah Wheelmen
  9. Janice Sibilia, Cannondale
  10. Sandie Snyder, Savannah Wheelmen


Source: VN 1985-05-10

National Capital Open

All the races ended in field sprints

Senior 60 km

  1. Mark Whitehead
  2. Bruce Donaghy
  3. Davis Phinney

Women 30 km

  1. Rebecca Twigg
  2. Sally Zack
  3. Betsy Davis

Veteran (35+) 25 km

  1. Bobby Phillips
  2. Jim Montgomery

Junior 9-11 10 km

  1. Ramsey Stuart

Junior 12-13 10km

  1. George Hincapie

Junior 14-17 15 km

  1. John Coyle 7-11 Development Team.

Category 3 25 km

  1. Kyou Min

Category 4 20 km

  1. Tim Norris
  2. Gregory Morin

Women "B"

  1. Jessica Grieco
  2. Angie Grabill

Source: WP 1986-05-05 p D2

National Capital Open

In the Senior race, a group of five broke away with about 11 laps to go. Eventual winner Jeff Lackey bridged a 21 second gap with 7 laps to go, and then jumped.

In the women's race, 4th place finisher Kathy Haberman was in her fourth race ever.  


  1. Jeff Lackey
  2. David Bonser
  3. Pat McDonough
  4. Paul Pearson
  5. Mike Lantz
  6. Neal Stansbury
  7. Bobby Livingston
  8. Matt Willis
  9. Steve Edgar
  10. Pat Gellineau
  11. John Simonson
  12. Mike Grotz
  13. Glenn Schneider
  14. Mirik Pawlowski
  15. Brian McDonough
  16. Sandro Bono
  17. Alaric Gayfer
  18. William Mark
  19. Edward Polley
  20. Aubrey Gordon


  1. Colette Gernay
  2. Marion Clignet
  3. Mindee Mayfield
  4. Kathy Haberman
  5. Stephanie Breslin
  6. Nancy Neely
  7. Beth Bernstein
  8. Mary Beth Wiemels
  9. Linda Elgert
  10. Jani Poh


  1. Jim Montgomery
  2. Vincent McDonald
  3. Robert Lea

Junior 9-11

  1. Yani Feldman
  2. Jeremy Grimm
  3. Douglas Friman

Junior 12-13

  1. George Hincapie
  2. Chad Mieden
  3. Eric Saxman

Junior 14-17

  1. John Dipippo
  2. Frank Negri
  3. Steve Lusby

Women "B"

  1. Patricia Dix-Trafford
  2. Christy Fugman
  3. J. Beth Gunter

Senior 3

  1. Ed Kallatch
  2. Robert Mason
  3. Raymond Cipollini

Senior 4

  1. Stephen Ronoese

Source: WP 1987-05-04 pD9

Proserv Era
National Capital Open

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