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Poolesville Road Race


The National Capital Velo Club's Poolesville Road Race is the second oldest continuously run road race in the Mid Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association after The Jefferson Cup. The event grew out of NCVC member Tom Snyder's dream of promoting a road race near Washington DC. The original course, used from 1995-1999, took the riders from the start at Poolesville High School south on West Willard to River Rd, where it climbed over the triple-stair step climb on Mt Nebo Road. Traffic control problems that made ensuring the safety of the peloton more and more difficult every year eventually caused the club to abandon that course after the 1999 edition. The winter of 1999 came, and it appeared that the loss of the suitable course would kill the event. Memories of the Cedarville Roubaix race and the '99 TV coverage of Paris Roubaix lead several NCVC officers to hatch an outrageous plan. Why couldn't they run the race down the mile-long dirt section of River Road? That would take the course away from the heavy traffic on West Willard and River and provide an epic and memorable course. Andy Fasig stepped up to promote the event, and created the most memorable course in MABRA. For the next two years the event used a fifteen mile lap that went all the way to Whites Ferry Road. In 2003, again concerned with traffic control, but this time on Edwards Ferry Road, and concerned with the deteriorating  pavement on Elmer School Road, NCVC moved the course again to its current configuration.


Date Senior Women Junior Masters USAC Results
05/21/95 Kyle Smith no race Brett Clare
05/19/96 Brian Szabos Sandra Kolb no race Ken Hall
05/18/97 Ron Barnhart no race no race Grant Soma
09/20/98 Joe Giuliano Janelle Hubbard Erik Anderson Ken Anderson
05/09/99 Zach Browne Dana Walton no race Grant Soma
05/13/00 Brian Walton Marjan Huizing no race Matt Robins
05/19/01 Russ Langley Jen Scott Jamie Scotto Andrew Coggan USAC Results Link
05/11/02 Simon Walker Sue Hefler Adam Steelman Roger Friend
06/28/03 Scottie Weiss Sheba Farrin no race Roger Friend USAC results seem to be incorrect
05/15/04 Chris Schmidt no race Curtis Winsor Bill Luecke USAC Results Link
05/14/05 Jon Wirsing Sue Hefler no race Joe Baremore USAC Results Link
05/06/06 Zach Bell Jenette Williams no race Bill Luecke USAC Results Link
05/05/07 Keck Baker Marjan Huizing no race Art Brown USAC Results Link
05/03/08 David Fuentes Susanna Matsen-Nazarian no race Chris Hayes USAC Results Link
06/27/09 Keck Baker
Heidi Goldberg
no race
Chuck Hutcheson
USAC Results Link
05/15/10 Keck Baker
Leslie Jennings
no race
Chuck Hutcheson
USAC Results Link
05/14/11 Chuck Hutcheson Lindsay Honecker no race Harry Fang USAC Results Link
05/12/12 Jose Escobar Alexis Zink (Cat 3 race) no race Geoff Hughes USAC Results Link
05/11/13 Garret Olsen Stephanie Swan No race John Nelmes USAC Results Link
05/10/14 Zach Felpel Mary Breed no race Jim Johnson USAC Results Link
05/09/15 Lucas McCollum Alexis Zink Mario Zometa USAC Results Link
Notes: 2002 and 2003 results on usacycling do not seem to be correct.


1995-May-21 Tom Snyder
1996-May-19 Tom Snyder
1997-May-18 Tom Snyder
1998-Sep-20 Tom Donnelly
1999-May-09 Tom Donnelly
2000-May-13 Andy Fasig
2001-May-19 Andy Fasig     
2002-May-11 Erik Leaver
2003-Jun-23 Erik Leaver
2004-May-15 Erik Leaver
2005-May-14 Larry Tunks
2006-May-06 Darren Robb
2007-May-05 Bill Shelton
2008-May-03 Myron Lehtman
2009-Jun-27 Myron Lehtman
2010-May-15 Myron Lehtman
2011-May-14 Myron Lehtman


  • 1995 West Willard, River, Mt Nebo, Offutt Finish on  Offut near West Willard
  • 1996-1999 West Willard, River, Mt Nebo, Offutt finish on Mt Nebo near Offut 6.9 mile lap
  • 2000-2001 West Willard, Offutt, Edwards Ferry, River (dirt) Elmer School, Whites Ferry, Edwards Ferry, Westerly (15 mile lap) Start/Finish at Poolesville HS
  • 2002-present West Willard, Offutt, Edwards Ferry, River (dirt) Elmer School, Club Hollow, Edwards Ferry Westerly (10 mile lap) Start/Finish at Poolesville HS

Chronology and significant events


  • First year. Finish on Offutt Rd, near West Willard. Brad Greene crashed heavily in the sprint in the masters race. In preparation for the event, promoter Tom Snyder went door-to-door to every affected resident on the course to explain personally about the event.




  • Officially titled Judith Flannery Memorial to memorialize the death of member and triathlete Judith Flannery, who was killed on April 3, 1997 at the interesection of River Rd and Montivideo Rd. by an unlicensed 16 year old driver.  Link to NYTimes obituary. The 16-year old driver was fined $500 and ordered to do 300 h of community service.


  • Significant problems with residents of Mt Nebo Rd (email from Stew Harris Jan 3 2000 013L0ZN0)
  • Last year on the West Willard, River Road, Mt Nebo, Offutt course
  • Jason Meidhof run off the road on Mt Nebo by a bass boat on a trailer.


  • First use of dirt section of River Road. Idea developed by Bill Luecke and Andy Fasig.
  • Stew Harris suggests charity event for Poolesville High School to make event more acceptable to residents.
  • First use of long course that included Whites Ferry Rd.




  • first use of shorter course to eliminate stream valley on Edwards Ferry Rd, north of Club Hollow for safety concerns.
  • First event (May 10, 2003) canceled due to serious thunderstorm and lightening. Rescheduled for June 28, 2003 (source, VV 25 #2 March 2003 and VV 25 #3, June 2003)







  • Chuck Hutcheson (Battley Harley Davidson) won the Master 35+ race in the morning, and then was second in the Senior 1/2/3 race in the afternoon.
  • Construction at the high school forced us to reschedule the race for June 27, 2009


  • Controversy in the Senior race after the first rider across the line was disqualified for not obeying the instructions of the officials to neutralize when the senior race caught another field.





  • Afternoon races were called after about three laps, due to thunderstorms at the high school.

Event Announcements

1995     Missing
1996     Scanned
1997     Scanned
1998     Scanned
1999     Scanned
2000     Scanned
2001     Scanned   
2002     Scanned
2003     Scanned
2004     Missing
2005     Missing
2006     Missing
2007     Scanned (BikeReg web page)
2008     Scanned (BikeReg web page)
2009    Scanned (BikeReg web page)
2010     Scanned (BikeReg web page)

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