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  • 1970-1981. All issues of the 1970-1972 newsletter are missing or never existed. 
  • 1982-1989 This page
  • The Spokesman In addition to the NCVC newsletter, there are Indices of The Spokesman, the newsletter of the Federation of Washington Area Cycling Association (1960-1965), a predecessor of NCVC.




1982-v2-n1 PDF
1982-04-v2-n3 PDF
1982-05-v2-n3 PDF
1982-06-v2-n4 PDF
1982-07-v2-n5 PDF
1982-12 PDF
1983-v3-n1 Missing
1983-v3-n2 Missing
1983-v3-n3 Missing
1983-v3-n4 Missing
1983-v3-n5 Missing
1983-v3-n6 Missing
1983-v3-n7 PDF


added 2015-01-02

1983-10-v3-n8 PDF
1983-11-v3-nX PDF
1984-01-v4-n1 PDF
1984-03-v4-n2 PDF


1984-04-v4-n3 PDF
1984-XX-v4-n4 Missing
1984-XX-v4-n5 Missing
1984-07-v4-n6 PDF
1984-08-v4-n7 PDF
  • cover photo of Didier, Paul 1984 National 45+ Criterium champion
  • NCVC Racing team (13 members)
  • Race results form
  • Olympic team selection procedure
  • photograph of Gordon, Aubrey receiving an Alpine frame from Carey, Ned to ride in the Olympic Points race for Guyana
  • report from the Junior "Mini Red Zinger" that mentions Hoven, Chris and Hensel, Phillipe
  • photograph if Pugh, Mike from the Keystone Open.
  • Wheelie points list for June 84
  • Metropolis Bicycles advertisement.

from Jeff McKillip

1984-09-v4-n8 PDF
  • Awards banquet announcement (River Rd. Unitarian Church)
  • Richard Moss new editor starting with next issue
  • Rebecca Twigg photo
  • Wheelie points standings from July: Pugh, Mike leads
  • photograph of Chris Bodycombe and Mike Derian at the start of the tandem sprint at the National Track Championship. States that they were the silver medalists. See also this Morning Call article
  • Greenbelt results
  • from Jeff McKillip
1984-12 PDF
  • undated, no volume/issue number
  • final 1984 Wheelie cup standings. Pugh, Mike
  • photograph of Thomas, Gunter announcing his resignation to join the Fuji-Suntour team.
  • 1984 Sponsorship distribution table. Pugh, Mike lead reimbursement with $495.
1985-01 Missing
1985-02 Missing
1985-03 PDF

hardcopy only (not scanned as of 2015-03-01)

  • Richard Moss, editor
  • list of officers
  • Membership form: $15/year
  • NCVC spring championships 4/14/85 at NBS grounds in Gaithersburg. "Sponsored by the NBS bicycle club."
  • Early season Mid-Atlantic calendar (April 14 through May 12)
  • banquet summary from 1984-12-08
    • (including awardees: Touarts, Leon Moore (membership secretary), Lisa Cooper for Shady Grove sponsorship) Ken McCormick for running the Shady Grove race.
    • Ken Jacobsen "for obtaining the the biggest sponsorship package ever for NCVC"
    • Most improved: Joe Wilson
    • Wheelie Cup winner: Mike Pugh
    • mention of video of National Capital Open
  • No volume/issue/date. Date from postmark
1985-04 Missing
1985-05 Missing
1985-06 Missing
1985-07 PDF
  • from Jeff McKillip
1985-08 PDF
1985-09 PDF
1985-10 PDF
1985-11 PDF
1986-01 PDF
1986-02 Missing
1986-03 PDF
1986-04 PDF
1986-06 PDF
1986-07 PDF
1986-08 PDF
1986-10/11 PDF
  • from Jeff McKillip
1986-12 PDF
1987-03 PDF
1987-04 PDF
1987-07 PDF

added 2015-01-02

1987-08 PDF
1987-10 PDF
1987-12 PDF
1988-03 PDF
1988-04 PDF
1989 Many issues missing
1989-12 PDF

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